Friday, 26 May 2017

Reading The Hurlers Project – Results are revealed...

Reading The Hurlers Project – Results are revealed...

After several years, the results of the Reading The Hurlers project are presented tonight at Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall.

The project was a combined Archaeology and Geology study on Bodmin Moor, featuring the 3 Hurlers stone circles and a potential 4th circle which was investigated during the 2016 Archaeology dig.

Here is a 3D scan of Trench F from the Archaeology dig where we uncovered a key stone, potential packing material and a pit where this stone was most probably stood upright long ago, in addition to a fabulous flint arrow head.

The geological survey of the moor stone aimed to profile the area’s granite with the ultimate goal to try and identify the sources of granite which the standing stones of the Hurlers were quarried from. Were circles built from material from different locations, and in what order? How far did ancient man move the stones that form the Hurlers and other surrounding sites?