Monday, 23 May 2022

Beltane - A strange encounter in Duloe 'Stone Circle'


Beltane - A strange encounter in Duloe 'Stone Circle', a new adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios. Explore a real location in 4K 360 detail and solve a mystery.

POLICE and local people are baffled by phone cam footage that seems to show extraordinary phenomena over the 4000 year old stone circle, in Duloe, Cornwall. Experts are examining the footage, filmed by a local farmer, in the hope that sceptical eyes may reveal what the farmer describes as an "encounter". Is it a drone? Faked? Experimental military craft? Or a power generated by the stones themselves? Play to find out.

Strange and mysterious sightings have been reported at the ancient stone circle at Duloe, Cornwall, in the far South West of Great Britain. The area is steeped in folklore and legend, with human activity dating back millennia, the time of stone age tools and celestial worship. Many believe that stone circles are placed to align with planets, the moon and the movements of the sun. Others believe there is some otherworldly quality, an unknowable power from beneath the soil or perhaps, given recent evidence, from above? 

Creation: Beltane was produced by three people, over 50 hours, as part of an educational course in virtual tours and digital presentation, with all images, effects, sound and music created especially for the project.

The main shoot at the Duloe Stone Circle, was carried out on May 4th, not long after 'Beltane' a pagan festival that gives the game its name. Field recordings were made of local sounds and ambiance, while full 360 captures were made of the meadow and ancient monument. One stone, the tallest, was captured in full 3D using photogrammetry, a technique used in advanced digital archaeology. 

Matt Clark has long had an obsession with the stone circle, ever since visiting as a boy. Since then, Matt has made hundreds of trips to the stones, not too far from Shadow Tor Studios base, on the coast in Looe. "This short course was a great opportunity to produce a short adventure game, set somewhere I love, but go places we've not been before. The best way to capture the essence of the place is to feature the actual location, and augment the 360 views with birds, bugs, weather effects and there's even a friendly cat in this game. He's based on Rusty, the old ginger cat that used to follow me to the stones on visits, many moons ago".

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Boden Fogou - Digital Reconstruction


A reconstruction of the Fogou at Boden, Cornwall, in the early Iron Age. The high angle reveals the extent of the enclosure ditch with internal rampart mound, southern entryway and a 40 meter (gentle sloping southern approach) pathway. 

Inside the Fogou, the journey underground begins through the rock cut passage connected to the outer ditch, joining the stone cut steps which lead up to an antechamber (likely covered with a wooden roof, but dismantled in the Romano-British period) before passing through the corbeled passage. The passageway may have been lit with Tallow Candles.

Beyond the antechamber, the stone lined long ‘L Shaped’ fogou corridor, still very obvious to this day, would once have been capped with large stone lintels.

Eventually, the fogou tunnel reaches a hairpin bend, transitioning down steps from the stone walled passage through a bedrock cut tunnel, where it meets daylight again in the outer enclosure ditch. 
The bedrock cut passages connecting to the outer enclosure ditch may have been added to the fogou at a later construction phase.
Boden Fogou - Digital Reconstruction was created by Shadow Tor Studios for Time Team Boden Fogou and surrounding site continues to be investigated by Meneage Archaeology Group

Monday, 21 March 2022

Time Team

It’s no secret Time Team - The hit British archaeology TV show is back with the first dig in a new series, investigating an Iron Age Fogou site, here in Cornwall. Shadow Tor Studios brings its range of services to the new returning archaeology TV show.

For Time Team, Shadow Tor has been creating Photogrammetry 3D models of archaeological finds and features, rendering digital model footage, 3D modeling and animating virtual reconstructions of archaeology artifacts. We are also capturing 360 degree photos, building interactive virtual tours and crafting full historic digital reconstructions of the featured sites. 

Capturing Photogrammetry

Finds Photogrammetry

360 degree photos, building interactive virtual tours.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Looking back at ‘Reading the Hurlers’ on Bodmin Moor

Looking back at ‘Reading the Hurlers’ on Bodmin Moor; a chance to evaluate the relationship between the stone circles and outlying monoliths.

There are three confirmed circles at Minions, dating from Neolithic to Early Bronze Age, 4000+ years ago. Many features remain an enigmatic mystery, but the passage of the Sun & Moon were recognised by many stone alignments.


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Barrow Hill games launch on GOG

Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle, and Barrow Hill: The Dark Path are available on GOG!

As the full Pink Moon rose high aboveus, the Barrow Hill games made their way into place for today’s launch. The Barrow Hill games blend local pagan folklore and ancient mystery’s of Cornwall into a modern day adventure.

For the first time on download, the Barrow Hill games are on sales in all available languages. Barrow Hill 1 in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Barrow Hill 2 in English and German.

In Barrow Hill, an archaeology dig has awoken a sleeping ancient power, during its dig into the ancient burial barrow itself. Somewhere deep within the woods of Cornwall, a timeless force is stirring. Unseen beneath the ancient burial mound, known locally as Barrow Hill, a forgotten myth awakens. Trapped on the hill, you have 1 night to discover the truth behind the phenomena and find a way to escape. Arriving during the Autumn Equinox you have one night to unravel a sinister story. Explore the well trodden pathways across the land, seek clues in almost forgotten shrines and experience the ancient forces which exist in the standing stone monument known as Barrow Hill.

In The Dark Path we return to the hill, 10 years on and are draw into an unraveling plot. Autumn Equinox on Barrow Hill once again, a time of great power, when the ancient standing stones are at their most powerful and dangerous. We must follow the Dark Path into a world of Druidic lore and Celtic myth. The spirit of a shamanic bronze age witch has possessed a local girl, as she tried to make contact with her lost brother; himself missing since the events on Barrow Hill 10 years previous. We must restore the burials and put the spirit of Baibin to rest once more. You have one night to make the offerings, follow the Dark Path and escape

Ears of the owl, eyes of the crow, Baibin sees, Baibin knows.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil

Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil


Join the all-night ghost vigil at Harwood House. As part of the 'OPG' paranormal team, explore the haunted buildings and investigate sightings of ghosts, long reported around the area of Wolfenden. Grab the ghost hunting gadgets and solve the mystery surrounding this abandoned building.

Available now on Steam and the Shadow Tor Store

About This Game

Join the all-night ghost vigil at Harwood House. As part of the 'OPG' paranormal investigation team, explore the haunted buildings and investigate sightings of ghosts, long reported around the area of Wolfenden. Grab the ghost hunting gadgets and solve the mystery surrounding this abandoned building.

Welcome to Ghost Vigil

The aim is to prove the existence of 'ghosts' through paranormal experiments. The venue is Harwood House, boasting a disturbing history, waiting to be experienced, by you. We, The Oxford Paranormal Group, believe the building is haunted, not by a single unknown entity, but several. The O.P.G have placed several remote live cameras and experiments throughout the building.

Harwood House is now empty as it has been for 4 decades, but you can be the eyes in the dark... watching... waiting. Discover what happened.

The house was built in 1747, as a country home for Lord Harwood, his wife and young son, Edgar. The Harwood estate was modest, stretching to a few dark wooded hills, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside. A tragedy occurred, in 1749, when Lord Harwood lost his son to scarlet fever.

A mixed history then befell Harwood House; it was passed from one owner to another in quick succession. It would appear no-one wanted to stay, for long. In later years the house became a hotel, a maternity hospital and eventually, in 1968, a children's home known as Shangri La.

Game Features:

  • Explore a detailed and haunting setting, for ghost hunting and exploration.
  • Full immersive soundtrack in surround sound.
  • Hear real audio phenomena captured during Ghost Hunts.
  • Point And Click interface Adventure Game.
  • Solo gameplay.
  • Experience flashbacks to the past through Time Slips.
  • Uncover the secret hauntings at Harwood House.
  • Conduct experiments into the paranormal.
  • A cast of ghosts to discover and ghost hunting companions to remotely interact with during your Ghost Hunts.
  • Written by Jonathan Boakes, creator of the Dark Fall and Lost Crown games.
  • Utilise a collection of Ghost Hunting gadgets to discover supernatural activity.
  • Monitor CCTV cameras set up across the location.
  • Use Dictaphone EVP recordings, Night Vision camera, EMF Detectors and a Thermal cam to help pinpoint phenomena.

Beltane - A strange encounter in Duloe 'Stone Circle'

  Beltane - A strange encounter in Duloe 'Stone Circle', a new adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios. Explore a real location in 4K...