Saturday, 23 July 2016

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 5

Friday - Day 5 at Tintagel Castle Archaeology Dig.

3D model scan of Trench D - Showing signs of a revetment wall, and wall rubble, on the Southern Terrace of Tintagel Island.

A break from the full sun today, a brief morning shower from off the sea dampens down the soil (and us). A slightly damper soil made for less dusty digging as we took the earth down to reveal the next layer of history.

B1 Pottery imported from the Greek islands - Likely carrying Olive Oil

All finds (such as this B1 Pottery imported from the Greek islands - Likely carrying Olive Oil) are catalogued, bag and tagged, before being cleaned and indentified. The positions of each find are also recorded and surveyed.

The positions of each find are recorded and surveyed.

The Trench in 3D (D or Mark) at the end of 5 days digging, clearly showing the likely revetment wall, collapsed at one end and a layer of collapse covering most of the trench itself.

Dry Sieving on the south terrace. The soil taken from the trench is put through 3 meshes, each decreasing in size, and the remaining fine soil samples will then be processed next week via Wet Sieving.

Dry Sieving on Tintagel Castle's south terrace.

Studying anything that looks out of place; this doesn’t match the local stone, or the material from the collapsed walls in the trench.

Team Photo time as we come through to the end of the first week of digging. We’ve shifted, scraped and sifted through a lot of soil, stone and gravel in all 4 trenches on the Eastern and Southern terrace's at Tintagel Castle. Lots more to find yet!