Sunday, 24 July 2016

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 6

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 6

A rainy day here at Tintagel Castle as we return to our trenches on the headland. With the rain coming in and the clouds surrounding the islands, the dig took on a different atmosphere today.

Evaluating the trench, in an attempt to interpret what has been uncovered so far. Which walls have collapsed where, and which layers to take off next?

The change in the weather will not dampen our moods ;) 

Recording the progress of the dig, we take a lot of photos throughout the day! The direction arrow points to the top (north) of the trench, whist a peg board indentifies each photo and location, all for future reference.

As we progress through the soil layers, more fragments of  B-Ware pottery are uncovered and bagged, ready for cleaning and fully indentifying.

Obligatory Selfie!