Thursday 2 February 2023

Time Team Games

Join the archaeology adventure in a world of Time Team Games. Time travel from your own home as you discover and resurrect the past. Investigate alongside Time Team experts, uncovering archaeology msteries and piecing together clues. Time Team Games allows you to join a dig through an interactive and guided archaeology investigation experience. 

Delve deeper into history with the Discovery Mode, as Time Team experts are always on hand to answer questions, keeping you informed, investigating and learning more about what you have uncovered.

The more discoveries you make, the more questions need answers.  Who occupied a site, what events occurred there and what happened to the people of the past.

Tim Taylor from Time Team said - "Time Team is incredibly excited about partnering with Shadow Tor to create a game that brings the skills and strategies of archaeology to life, in an environment that has the excitement of a Time Team dig combined with the thrill of solving the games and puzzles of a computer game."

"For a long time we’ve looked to convert the excitement we all feel on a Time Team dig into a computer game that matters.  It’s not just about finding shiny stuff, it’s about understanding, learning, developing skills and attitudes that will enable the player to suddenly understand what really matters in archaeology through the Time Team format, which has been so successful worldwide."

Shadow Tor Studios is proud to have been awarded support from the UK GAMES FUND towards the development of Time Team Games.

Matt Clark of Shadow Tor Said - “Shadow Tor has the amazing opportunity to expand as we make Time Team Games, based on the popular archaeology TV series."

“Shadow Tor Studios are in a unique position, as a game studio, we are already working alongside Time Team archaeology investigations, being on site and part of the digs, capturing 3D finds and crafting historical recreations of the past for the TV show. Extending this work into creating Time Team Games will be an exciting step forward.”


We are in the early stages of development. These images represent some of the initial design.

Our vision is to create an ongoing game series, using past and future Time Team digs as a foundation.

This first project sets up a game from which we plan to build a franchise – with further locations, VR editions and games exploring wider archaeology sites around the globe.

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