Tuesday 18 September 2018

Barrow Hill - The Autumn Equinox 80% Sale

Barrow Hill - The Autumn Equinox 80% Sale

The Autumn Equinox is approaching, a powerful time in the pagan calendar and an active time for the ancient powers emanating in and around Barrow Hill. To celebrate the Equinox, both games are on sale with 80% off on Steam.  (Offer ends 24 September 2018)


Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle
Somewhere deep within the woods of Cornwall, a timeless force is stirring. Unseen beneath the ancient burial mound, known locally as Barrow Hill, a forgotten myth awakens. Use archaeology to discover that the barrow is more than just a collection of forgotten standing stones.


Barrow Hill: The Dark Path
Follow the Dark Path into a world of Druidic lore and Celtic myths. It is the Autumn Equinox on Barrow Hill, a time of great power, when the ancient standing stones are at their most powerful and dangerous. You have one night to make the offerings, follow the Dark Path

Sunday 16 September 2018

King Arthur's Britain: The Truth Unearthed

Great to see my model of the Tintagel building complex on tonight’s BBC documentary - King Arthur's Britain: The Truth Unearthed "exciting new archaeological discoveries to decode the myths and medieval fake news, piecing together a very different story of this turning point in Britain's history. The story begins with exclusive access to the excavations of an unprecedented stone palace complex on the Tintagel peninsula in Cornwall. Long known to have been a Dark Age settlement the new evidence reveals that Tintagel was also a seat of power, but who ruled there? The rocky outcrop has mythical connections with the legendary King Arthur"

Barrow Hill and The Dark Path - Location Tour

2016: Taking DJ Emma Harry on a location tour for Barrow Hill: The Dark Path, before recording game dialogues later that night. Golitha Fall...