Tuesday 4 October 2016

A walk in the past

As Summer turns to Autumn and the colours of the trees change from shades of green to reds and orange, it was fun to take a look at the moor after a busy year, digging at Tintagel Castle, investigating The Hurlers ‘4th circle’, and working on Barrow Hills sequel – The Dark Path.

A return to Trethevy Quoit, the Neolithic ‘dolmen' burial chamber. Tall isn’t it! In the warmth of the weakening Autumn sun and patchy blue sky, it’s a change from how it appears in The Dark Path. This was the inspiration to the Barrow Hill Quoit. Thankfully no ‘witch’ possessions occurred today!

At least this photograph captured my best side.

A ramble walk around Siblyback Lake, located nearby on the south of Bodmin moor, the North West corner of which on the OS map is reported to be an ancient settlement... something else to investigate.

Here’s a collection of photos capturing today.

 As the reservoir / lake waters have receded after the Summer months, marshlands have emerged, much to the enjoyment of the birds.

Siblyback lake is a manmade reservoir that captures the water from the Bodmin moor.  Surprisingly low at the moment, have we used that much water this summer?

  Everything returns to the earth, it seems 

The wind whistles through the pines trees

 Selfie time!

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