Friday, 22 July 2016

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 3

Day 3 at Tintagel Castle Archaeological Dig with Cornwall Archaeology Unit and English Heritage. 

After a brief foggy start to the day, we were soon bathed once again in bright cornish sunshine as we continued our dig on the headland.   

Soon, we were back in the trench (I’m digging in Trench D – also known as Trench Mark). It wasn’t long until I found my first piece of B1 pottery!

As the day went on, we discovered a few other finds, which are logged, tagged, measured, recorded, and are cleaned and analysed by our onsite expert.  
As we progress through the soil layers we are also sieving, using a variety of different size sieve meshes, we whittle down our trench soil, keeping an eye open for any additional finds, before the soil is bagged and tagged, well bucketed and sealed, ready for being wet sieved another day.

Here we are measuring the find positions, whist we enjoy the afternoon sunshine.

Once those are logged we can then continue through the layers to investigate the wall, or revetment, we are uncovering.

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