Sunday, 31 July 2016

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 12

Tintagel Castle - Archaeological Dig - Day 12

Day 12 at Tintagel Castle Archaeology Dig- A fantastically sunny day greeted our arrival at the site. First up today, capture wide shots of the island with Alex from 360 Productions, for Digging for Britain (BBC Archaeology Show). The views from the ‘outer ward’ on the mainland side of the site have fantastic vistas overlooking the bay and haven, with the island/headland of Tintagel Castle.

It’s easy to imagine why this naturally defensive site would’ve been appealing in the past, as a safe place to settle, an impressive site to occupy or as a place to command amazing views with high status living. 

Climbing up to the island castle, it was time to meet up with the operator chap doing the camera drone filming and flying. The views captured of the castle ruins and trenches on the Southern and Eastern terrace provide a perspective only enjoyed by the birds, or those who venture near the cliff edges, or Merlin!

Soon back in the trenches, important discussions continue! Who does have the better archaeology dig hat?!

Jacky takes a closer and inquisitive look as the finds continue to emerge from Trench D (Mark). Many exciting ‘things’ have emerged from the soil, and are slowly and carefully being studied for later reveal.

Carl, always busy processing and washing the many finds, from the four exploratory trenches. As a first look at what lies beneath the soil, in order to plan investigation in the future, the 2016 dig, so far, has been an adventure of a lifetime.....

 ....And a lot of carrying soil sample buckets (empty and full)!  Selfie Time!

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